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i really like coffee.

i also really like a boy. its been awhile since ive liked a boy. maybe i just like him because hes the only new boy in my life and its been a long time. a really really really long time. or maybe its just cause hes smart. who knows. all i know is i realllly want to makeout with him.

my dads still gone. what a bastard. its nice being just girls in the house now though, i have to admit. hes coming home this weekend though and taking me and my sis out for dinner for my birthday. its gonna be weird.

i am soo broke. i start working again tommorrow. i really need the money but im praying they dont schedule me on my bday. ill be so upset. and i dont want to complain cause im trying not to complain so much, so itll be even more painful to work on my birthday without saying anything. keeping it inside makes it even worse. god im such a loudmouth.

i saw the streets on carson last week- its on tonite. i was the only person in the whole fucking place that was groovin and singing along. the band kept looking up at us. they made us go on the balcony. we were too late. i was very pissed. its cause we had to fucking walk instead of taking a cab. grrrr. anyway, we wanted to be on tv cause we were mike skinners biggest fans there but they were assholes and ignored us. carson is a loser. doogie howser was there* rock!

i saw the hours. it was so good. chicago is the most overrated fucking piece of shit movie ever made. the OSCARS were totally fixed, i have no doubt in my mind. its all because of the gay mafia. totally mediocre.

anyway, thats all for now. wish me luck with the boy*
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