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ready? OK.

my life is even suckier than before! yay!

my dad has left and moved to florida. apparently hes a cheater. which is really really gross to think about.

on a much cooler note..carson daly tommorrow night (him not being the cool part). i will be there rockin out to the streets. mike skinner. mm yum yum.

id really like to smoke some pot. but thats not gonna happen tonite.

dave grohl got engaged to that blonde slut. may she drop dead on their wedding day.

my cat is so fucking awesome.

recently read books that rock: Lamb; the gospel according to biff, christs' childhood pal (fucking great), the lovely bones, anything by tom robbins.

shut up im the driver you're the passenger.
do you understand or do you need an interpreter?

im gonna be 21 in 2 weeks! yaay. we're going to lucky chengs. it will be super super grand.

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