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so heres a funny story...

i got an email a few days ago from a person (i wish to keep them anonymous in case YOU decide to ruiin my fun). it was a mass email, and it was asking if anybody had acess to like, teleportation, and a flux time capictor and all this crazy shiznit. im like hello beautiful mind, ever hear of schizophrenia? so i was sorta interested in what the hell was going on, so emailed him bck with "i have what you need." thats all. remember im not a total loser and dont have time to write long drawn out emails to crazy people. plus i thought it would be sorta mysterious and creepy. well, it seems this mister likes that sorta thing. heres how he responded:

I am going to need the DWG 52 4350a with memory adapter to start, I will offer you $5,000 2002 US funds for that, Do you have the memory adapter for it? Next I am going to need an unmodified reliable time transducing capacitor which is carbon based being compatible or temporal displacement unit. Which models do you have? I wish to be fair in price with you, So I will also offer you $5,000US for this as well. I would prefer to do business in person. How soon can you deliver? Do you have access to teleportation?
Thank You"

i replied: "yes i do. and i have everything you need. the prices are fair and reasonable. business in person is negotiable. anything else?"

and he replied:


Where are you from? Do you have access to teleportation? If not alternative shipping options will have to be arranged. How many times have they been used?

Here is how I want to do it, I have to be sure you have the items I need, so Please email me a photo of them so I know you have exactly what I am looking for. I will then over night you a money order, half now, half when I receive the time pieces. If you do not have a photo of the items or cannot get a photo of the items, I hope you can understand this makes me wonder, I would even appreciate it more if you were able to take a deposit from me of say $300 now so you know I am serious, mail the items to me, and then I send you full payment upon receiving them, I would be more then happy to discuss matters on the phone if you have any doubt whatsoever. I am attaching a photo of the cash so you know I am serious. Let me know what you wish to ASAP please, OK?


ok bob, right.

well he didnt attach a picture of his "cash" so i asked for it. and now i am eagerly awaiting his response, considering Bob's emails really just seem to brighten my day. maybe because it reminds me that im not as crazy as some people...so this whole crazy bob thing is to be continued....
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