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i have not written here in while. i am sorry amy, since youre the only person who reads this. i think. if anyone else does, hello.

first off, the MTV vma's were spectacular. guns and roses played. rockin. britney spears didnt win shit. amazing. and the hives vs the vines kicked off the (fingers crossed) better music revolution, and i think the vines kicked the hives asses. oh and dashboard confessional won a moonman. HHHAAaAA! hilarious.

alright, now for what youve all been waiting for. my account of la trip to italy. it was supercallafragalisticexpialladocious. i mean it. we spent 3 days in rome. it sucked except for all the ancient stuff. the roman baths, the colliseum, the spanish steps, the vatican, all the ruins. it was beasutiful, but everything else sucked. my mom got her wallet stolen by ugly gypsies at a stupid flea market. and the food wasnt very good, except i had the best mozzarella and prosciutto ive ever had in whole life. yay.

after rome we flew to catania, sicily, and drove to taormina, which i predict will be the new saint tropez. its amazing. we stayed at this beautiful hotel on the beach. and taormina is the coolest place. all the hotels are down by the ocean, and then up on the mountain is the actual town of taormina. you have to take this big ski life thing to get up there where all the shops and cafes and restaurants are. its unbelieveable. the view is incredible. its heaven on earth. la bella sicilia. i named this trip "journey to the motherland". i am So proud to be sicilian. it is the most beautiful place on earth. hey and in case you all question my heritage, i aint no halfy italian american claiming to be sicilian. in fact, im so sicilian that my 3rd cousin is the governor of sicily. ha! AND my great great great (great?) grandfather built the teatro massimo, a beautiful opera house in the center of palermo, which, if you saw the godfadda part3 (yeah the sucky one), sofia coppola got murdered on the steps of it. now how freakin cool is that yo?

so yeah, in taormina, we ate a lot. we ate 2 huge meals a day. really good meals. lots of italian food. heh. im talkin hand rolled pasta, eggplant, god i cant even think of all the food i ate. everytime we went out to dinner, i met really interesting people. i met this old couple and their kids, the 3rd richest people in sicily. they make really good wine. and i met a lawyer, pucci, who is the princess of sicily's lawyer. and pucci's girlfriend, alida, a concert pianist. and paola, my friend maurizio's girlfriend, who is beautiful and sweet and a ballerina. oh man, thsi is alot. maybe i should stop here.

ill tell the rest later. im goin to bed. now, theres like 12 more days to tell of, and boy does it get interesting. so come back y'all, ya hear?

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