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im going to italy tommorrow neener neener neeeeennnneerrrrr! so im flying to rome tommorrow afternoon. we will be there for 3 days and then we are flying to sicily to hang out with sergio and maurizio and go to the beach for the rest of the 2 weeks. its gonna be fun, i forgot how funny those two are. people who speak broken english are funny. especially when they dont give a shit that we make fun of them.

when i get back i will tell you all about hunkamania and my cousin vanessa's bachelorette party. i promis it will be exciting.

i cant decide whether im getting sick of being in love with someone that i dont have and if i should just have a stupid crush on someone just to stop thinking about the other guy. but then ill have a crush and maybe me and the crush would hook up and then id feel like crap cause hooking up is horrible...or the crush would reject me and then that would feel orrible to. so basically i have 3 choices here. stay in love with the guy and be sad hes so far away (crappy) OR develop a crush and then get rejected (crappy) OR develop a crush and hookup and then feel like a whore (crappy). maybe i should just go to italy and shut up*

ill miss everyone. ill write you all postcards! yay!
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