B (neonsuburbia) wrote,

up and down and over and out

alright so my goal in life now is to be amelie. that movie was the most amazing movie i have ever seen in my life. it definitely takes the winning #1 spot on my list, a spot that until now has remained empty. ta da!

and today i discovered JCD. john cusack disorder. i realized that there seems to be a trend among some guys who idolize johnny boy as an actor, but more as a general character. they know all his old movies. they know all the minute trivia and facts about him. say anything is the holy grail, and yet his character rob in high fidelty is the persona most widely recognized. the way he thinks, the way he speaks, the way he counts down his top 5 everything and has a stellar record collection, not to mention stellar taste in music. always seems to be in a perpetual heartbroken state. this is the JCD man. age ranging from 18-25, old enough to understand how to play the sensitive tough guy thing, but still young enough to not understand how sad it is to think that you are john cusack. case in point: girls like john cusack and his movies too, but we think you guys are pathetic.

and i went to the beach last nite with loryn, rich and the guys from the reason. it was interesting. i didnt get home til 4am. loryn flashed her gigantic boobies to cars all the way down the parkway. and then we played a game of padiddle (sp?) and adam had to drive with his pants around his ankles. did i say interesting? i meant very interesting.

the movie pinero was really good. i recommend it highly.
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