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when good things happen to good people who are used to bad things so they get confused

so me and leigh went to rockaway beach, ny to see ricky and we got lost it shouldve only taken us like less than 2 hours but it took us FOUR. we drove all over there, in the ghettoest places ive ever seen, queens, the bronx, oh jenny from the block came on the radio while we were lost in the bronx it was a touching moment and then we finaaalllly got there after a nice cabby let us follow him and we saw ricky and willie near the pickles n' pie like they said and we ate chinese in a studio and then we went to leighs and played pool in her basement and jain, lindsey, uriy, and loryn came and we drank and smoked pot out of a budweiser can and we all had lots and lots of crazy fun and lindsey and ricky bonded over iron maiden and willie and wes kept saying TERRENTIAL!!!! and ricky kept trying to make out with me and he kept fighting with leigh about screwdriver and trying to makeout with her too and i smoked too many cigarettes and then when they left ricky kissed me goodbye and said i was his girl and hed always love me and then it was weird and i left and they followed me to 287 and then that was it. ive been confused ever since.

cause ricky was my first love. what the hell am i doing trying to avoid kissing him? i am insane. truly truly.
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