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happy birthday to meee...

so i turned 21 yesterday. it is very exciting. on sunday i made leigh and jain come with me to Fridays so i could have a fun drink at midnite. the waiter let me have a drink BEFORE midnite which kinda ruined the plan it was fun. i had a rasberry long island iced tea. he was kind of geeky but really nice. since it was late on a sunday, hardly anyone was in the place, so instead of having people sing to me, he grabbed like 6 balloons and tied them in my hair, so my hair was sticking straight up in the air. luckily we have pictures.

so then on monday, my actual bday, i had to have dinner with my dad which sucked cause hes an idiot. BUT THEN we went to PHILLY! jain drove and i drank. not at the same time, you know what i mean. we went to see maris and she took us to continental and this is what i drank:

1. a champagne-o-rama.
2. a few glasses of white wine (we got a bottle)
3. a red headed slut (round of shots for my bday)
4. a cosmo

needless to say, once we left and i got all shaken up in the car, we pulled over and i puked on the sidewalk in a perfect puddle. then i was fine and maris got me water and a bag for the ride home. shes so awesome. i love her.

hey i only turn 21 once!!!

today it took all day to recover. once i crashed on the couch i didnt move. it was great.

i just took a bath.

im reading the raddest book ever- "Diary of a Teenage Girl" by Phoebe Gloeckner. its a book with comics in it. its fucking amazing. im turning into such a book nerd.

someone please makeout with me! im cute i swear!
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