B (neonsuburbia) wrote,

yeah so

apparently people read this thing? considering i havent written here in a lonnnnng time, im surprised why anyone would add my to their friends list. maybe its time to update then?

i work at borders. its a job, what else can i say?

ive been getting mysterious phone calls from people of my past. is this supposed to happen/.

for awhile there i was creatively arid. now i have 4 projects going. 3 bands and some other non descript artsy fartsy thing.

my parents are psychotic assholes.

i have no romantic interests to pursue or even fantasize about. Boring with a capital B to say the least.

i think im gonna get a mark ryden-style bumble bee tattooed on me somewhere. any ideas where?

ive been reading good books lately. rilke's letters to a young poet, kissing in manhattan, a girl named zippy, etc etc etc.

can someone please inspire me. or think of ways to? pretty please with a cherry on top?
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