B (neonsuburbia) wrote,

hizzowdy. hizzola. bonjour.

halleluiah i have a JOB! woohoo. i work at borders. most of the time i reshelve cds. its mostly like walking up a down escalator. the sections never stay the way you left them. sometimes i work at the info desk. i realllly suck at that. i can never ever find any books and i HATE answering the phones. they scares me. but i work at least 5 days a week and i did the math on how much im gonna make in 2 weeks and that put a big smile on my face, its well worth the sore feet. and my bum is getting sorta shapely, a nother plus. i fogure its from running round the store instead of sitting on it in front of the tv all day. money + perky bum = awesome.

nothing else is really new. im sorta the artistic advisor for my friends' band The Reason. i help adam sing better and tell him if i like songs. some good labels are really interested in them, so im very proud. they rooock.

it looks so nice out today. i havent been outside yet but i really wanna go. ok im going. shoo.

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