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so i rearranged my room today. it is wonderful! it looks sooo much better, much more space and less "high school" if you know what i mean and i think you do. i also went through my families old pictures and bought and found some cool frames and framed all these interesting shots of like my grandma rollerskating and my parents when they were little and stuff. and pictures of like, my great great great grandparents (fo' real yo). i have a little more organizing to do though. im trying to make my room into a little office for my zine. all organized and crap. organization is a HUGE challenge for me, so actually taking the step is a pretty big thing for me. usually i just let everything fall where it lands and thats its home. kinda like me.

oh and i went to target and they have they BESt stuff* i wish i was a freshman again and i could do the whole shopping for my dorm room thing again, that was fun. they have this new Todd Oldham dorm collection crappity crap and so theres cute rugs and storage bins and sheets and blankets and i want some. maybe i should be an interior decorator? i can add that to my list of like 50 possibilites of a major. argh, decisions, decisions.

oh and i just watched a walk to remember with mandy moore and i have to say, i was skeptical but god dammnit i cried and smiled and christ that as a good fuckin movie. heh, amelie is next for tonite* au revoir.
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